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Magic Market Ride Advertising is a team of professionals that are committed to your digital success, getting you noticed on the web and driving customers to you.

Magic Market Ride Advertising is part of a network of 200+ media and marketing brokers across the USA. MMR is an advertising resource specializing in digital and mobile marketing.

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WHAT WE DO . . .

Magic Market Ride Advertising works to increase your internet footprint. We are 200+ media experts who specialize in DIGITAL and MOBILE marketing. We use a stable of tools and applications to engage, excite and bring customers to your website and business. You can manage them yourself or we offer managed packages. With our managed services, you can focus on your business and your product. Magic Market Ride will do the rest.

  • Website design, hosting, managed, domain names;
  • Mobile web, easy to read and navigate on a mobile device;
  • Social media marketing and optimization;
  • Mobile apps; for Apple and Android devices;
  • SEO, internet enhancement through content, video, links & more;
  • Targeted email marketing campaigns;
  • Contests and promotional marketing;
  • Digital mobile advertising;
  • Geo-targeted marketing;
  • Healthcare programs.

We have special programs for:

  • Automotive industry and dealerships;
  • Home builders and remodelers
  • Real estate industry and professionals;
  • Home improvement industry;
  • Architects;
  • Medical professionals;
  • Attorneys and other professionals.

Magic Market Ride Advertising is a team of professionals that are committed to your digital success, getting you noticed on the web and driving customers to you.

980-255-0125 / 704-948-8120

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Pay-per-click Discussion
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GEO-TARGETED DISPLAY ADS: Using a National Multi-Screen Branded Advertising Network, our partner has executed more than 20,000 local and national client campaigns. Geo-target your customers across 13,000 publisher sites. Measurable targeted RESULTS!

MOBILE MEDIA STRATEGIES: From big trusted brands to new app developers, we offer a full spectrum of mobile advertising and monetization solutions. Standard mobile banners carry flat boring earnings. We provide relevant, geo-targeted ROI strategies.

WEBSITE DESIGN: Developing websites that make a great impression, powered by WordPress, sell your brand and are optimized on all mobile devices. We develop a “Marketing Machine” website with fully integrated inbound marketing services.

SEARCH ENGINE MANAGEMENT: Search engine / pay-per-click marketing allows you to be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing when customers are searching for your products or services. SEO: ranking your website at the top of Google gives your business a huge advantage!

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: Social media marketing and optimization. Offering our clients an dynamic strategy across social media platforms to engage, excite and promote your business. Providing targeted, fresh and vibrant content that never goes stale.

DATABASE LIST DEVELOPMENT: Any successful business owner knows that building an internal database is the KEY to long term success. Our consultants provide proven online digital strategies to grow your email, text and customer database.

EMAIL MARKETING: Proven eMarketing solutions designed to drive new online and offline sales of your products and services. We offer three of the most trusted ESP providers in the industry. Zeppo Marketing, Exact Target and Vertical Response. Our team of experienced designers provide creative influential copy points.

MOBILE APPS: Creating the most functional and visually stunning mobile native app in the market place. We believe that it should be simple, intuitive, fun and easy to create an uniquely designed app that represents you, your business and your brand. Our platforms enable you to do that, and without the need for a developer and or designer.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS: Targeted digital solutions designed to generate leads and new customers to specific LOCAL businesses. Specializing in Automotive, Retail, Real Estate, Entertainment, Home & Garden, B2B Services, B2C Products & Services, Political and MORE!

TRADITIONAL MEDIA SERVICES: Planning, Creative and Design. Over 60 years industry experience with partners across the country. Save an average of 10% – 15% agency discount on all media buys. Our consultants provide research, unique ideas and SOLUTIONS!


We are showing significant engagement and gaining new leads every day. It’s not easy to get to this point. There is a lot of time and work involved. And even more work to keep it going. Here are some tips to work your social media marketing:

1) Know your audience. There are many places where you can post, comment or reply. Know who it is that will be reading your posts so you can make a connection.
2) You must participate in other discussions besides your own. If you want to engage people, then you need to seek them out and engage them too.
3) Know when and how to use videos and images. Text only can be boring. Images make great “hooks”. Treat your posts like billboards on the highway.
4) Respond to posts and comments. This way people know you are real and not a robot.
5) Post about things of interest other than business and selling. Nobody wants to hear a constant sales pitch.
6) Use restraint. Know that you can post too often or be too redundant.
7) Don’t be negative or sarcastic unless the context calls for it. You’ll probably regret it later.

Social media marketing is a big part of our all-around marketing strategy. We also use print, email, flyers, street performers and direct mail to broadcast our brand and services. All of these “pieces” make up our marketing machine. The “machine” needs to adapt and be upgraded from time to time as people and times change. All the pieces are still relevant. The most important part is knowing how and when to use them and to apply them efficiently.

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